Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinics & Ambulance

Every day 3.000 children die in India, equivalent to more than two children every single minute. Most of them die of easily curable diseases, of which diarrhea is the most common. But due to poverty, lack of information and unworthy treatment at the government hospitals, the children do not receive the help they need in time. This is exactly what we wish to help change through our health programme.

Our programme consists of two mobile medical clinics that seeks out the children regularly where they live in order to promote quick and efficient treatment. One clinic functions as an extended first aid kit in which we treat wounds and infections, prescribe medicine, offer free health check-ups and inform about hygiene and general health in order to prevent diseases and epidemics amongst the children. The other is an ambulance designed to facilitate vaccinations and treat more critical injuries in sterile surroundings.

We currently have the capacity for approximately 30 health check-ups and treatments every day in each clinic, and thus we are able to provide health care for 1200 children and expectant mothers each month.