In 2019 we are opening a Mobile Health Clinic in Kolkata, which is going to be operated by professional doctors and nurses. We are going to use a vehicle wherein we keep medicine, chairs, tables and umbrellas. This vehicle will carry the materials along with a driver, doctor, nurse and a translator / outreach worker inside the slums and provide health services to the residents. We are planning to operate in 5 slums 5 days a week. 

The purpose of the clinic is to treat the injuries the children get at the railway station. It is often large open wounds to the head and body, which in many cases develop dangerously. Pregnant young mothers will also have the opportunity to get check-ups. It happens frequently that these young women are not checked during their pregnancy and in some cases are unable to get help. 

Additionally, there will be ongoing health care for babies and children at the clinic. There will be a focus on the prevention of viruses and diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever, as well as the treatment of these diseases before they become critical. We intend to give medicine for free to the degree possible. 

The health services and facilities which we are going to provide are as follow: 



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