Future Projects

Daycare Centre for Babies and Toddleres

In 2020, we expect to open our Daycare Centre for Babies and Toddlers. It is a dream and a wish we have had many times, when reflecting upon a long day of social outreach work in the slums and at Sealdah station. It hurts to leave a baby, who is not doing well. A baby who is stressed and hungry. We know that after we leave the hunger returns. Their home is a railway station, a slum area, or a bridge where they live in constant noise, bacteria and rear sun without enough to eat. In order to avoid early injuries, we want to open a daycare center for babies and toddlers. Our most important mission is to give the children care, security, food, tranquility and warm hands to hold them. All the important nourishing experiences a child needs to have the best start on life.

We expect the center to be open 24 hours a day, and we would like the mothers to stay at the center with their children. We are currently in the process of applying for the right permits to open the day center.


We wish to establish our own orphanage in 2020 when we have the right permits. The orphanage will function as a permanent home for some of the most vulnerable street children. Many of the children live in a very unsafe environment where they are neither guaranteed food, care or affection. They live on the street, and they sleep on the sidewalk, under bridges, and at train stations. Some of the children live without parents, while others live with their family, but violence and abuse are often part of their everyday life. They are easy victims of human trafficking, rape, and violence, and they have no safety net available to them. At the orphanage, we will offer a permanent home for 60 children. They will be assured nutritious meals, access to health care, psychological assistance, and education, as well as activities, adult contact, and care.

We hope to give the children a brighter future and a more secure childhood. A childhood where they can focus their energy on playing and learning instead of surviving. The orphanage will be located close to Sealdah station and the slum areas, which the children normally stay in. The children will thereby be staying in the home permanently but will remain in contact with their family and friends. We are cooperating with a local Indian NGO Trinita, which has many years of experience in running orphanages and assists us in the establishment phase.