Activity / Day Centers

Day Centers

Street Children operates 3 Activity Centers in the slum of Khaldhar, Topsia and Bakkri Patti. The centers are targeted children who are too young for school and who lack stimulation and activation in their everyday life. The Centers also accommodates school children who needs some healthy, positive and capacity-building activities to attend in the afternoon.

Before the centers opened, parents had nowhere to drop off their youngest children during the day, while they were working in order to feed the family. This meant that the children were sent out to beg or to help sort trash, which is the primary source of income for the inhabitants of the slums. Alternatively, their older siblings had to stay home to take care of them at the expense of their own schooling and childhood.

The purpose of the centers is to get the children away from the harsh and exploitative realities of the street and into our projects as early as possible. They can quickly end up in a bad environment and be negatively influenced when, without the supervision of adults, they run around the street with nothing to do.

The Centers accommodates about 30-40 of the children each, where the children can play, learn and grow all weekdays from 12.30-16.30. They are activated and stimulated through fun and educational activities such as yoga, games, schoolwork, dancing, singing, etc., and through energetic snacks they satisfy the worst hunger. Once a week, our mobile health clinic comes by and performs health checks and treatments.