Street Children

The mission of Street Children.DK is to help vulnerable and homeless children in Kolkata break their social heritage and create a future for themselves away from the street by offering them access to education, health services, daily meals, safety and care.

Vision & Mission

Street Children works to help children living on the streets of Kolkata, India, to a healthy, safe and opportunity-rich future away from the streets through access to quality education, health services, daily meals, security and care. It is our mission to help children build faith in life and not least themselves by equipping them with the tools to explore and realize their own abilities, skills and interests with which they can have the opportunity to break their social heritage and create a future for themselves off the street.

Life as a Street Child

The Indian authorities estimate that close to 314,700 of the children in Kolkata live, eat and sleep in the street, under bridges, in train stations, and in slums. The expression street child should not be taken literally, it refers to all children without a stable home.

It is estimated that 50% of these children earn their living from sorting trash, polishing shoes, selling balloons and candy, washing windows on cars, etc. They work between 10 to 13 hours per day and are exposed to high health risks due to the unsanitary conditions they live in. They live in the baking sun among trash, dead animals and with no access to sanitary installations.

70% of the children are sniffing glue to suppress the pain of hunger, to escape reality, and to find the courage to steal and perform sexual services, which many of them are forced to do to survive. Glue is very addictive and may cause serious damage to the liver, lungs, and brain.